How To Grow An 8-Figure Amazon Private Label Business

NAME:Troy Remelski
LOCATION:Washington, United States
LEVEL:8 Figures
PRODUCT:Apex Seller

Troy used to feel chaotic and overworked in his business. He knew how to pick products, source them and generate sales on Amazon. What he didn’t know was how to turn this into a truly scalable business model that could run and grow without him. After implementing our systems, Troy has drastically reduced his task list and grown even further as a result.


Hey, my name is Troy Remelski and I am from Washington in The USA. And before the Apex Seller program, we had a problem with continuing to scale. As I was frequently the bottleneck in my own business, I had numerous, numerous contractors and virtual assistants, but, uh, all the problems sort of consistently had to pass through me. Despite the amount of encouragement I would give people and tell people to take responsibility and ownership of tasks. I wanted them to work autonomously and it just, it just wouldn't work. Everything kept passing through me. It was really slowing down progress.

So Daniel has a great way of managing through KPI's and operating businesses at scale. And after, after going through the Apex Seller system was able to effectively hire a COO, get them trained, introduced KPI's, and start following a much more systematic approach to running the business. And since then we've been able to grow frequently and my task list has drastically reduced and I can focus on working on my business rather than in my business. So I'd certainly recommend Apex Seller to anyone who is feeling chaotic and overworked in their business and knows that there's a better way out there and wants to figure out what that is.

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