How Steven Got The Clarity & Confidence To Scale His Business

NAME:Steven Winata
LOCATION:Arizona, United States
LEVEL:7 Figures
PRODUCT:Apex Seller

Steven started selling on Amazon in 2015 and he’s been at 7-figures since 2017. But he just couldn’t break out of the ceiling to scale his business further. And the more he tried to expand, the more overworked he got and the more fires he had to put out. Sound familiar? Learn how Steven’s been able to systemize his business and gain the clarity & confidence to scale in 2020 and beyond.


Hey, this is Steven Winata from Arizona. I'm here to tell you about Daniel's program called Apex Seller. I've been selling on Amazon since 2015, for quite a few years and I reached seven figures for the past two years in revenue. And I've run my business in a way I was taught in a few courses that I have been through. And you probably knew these courses because they are well known, if I mentioned them. But they pretty much teach similar things about doing product research to launching on Amazon using the latest different marketing tricks. And before you know it, everybody will be doing the same thing and many sellers end up losing out because of the short-lived techniques and sudden competition. I've been fortunate enough to be able to keep my business afloat but I felt that I just couldn't break off out of the ceiling, to be able to scale my business.

And the more I tried to expand, the more overworked I was and there's more fire to put out. As well as the never ending cashflow challenge if you know what I'm talking about. So I heard about Daniel Audunsson quite a while ago. I know that he's been a wildly successful seller for many years. But what caught my attention was the things that he shared in his videos, talking about business fundamentals, which I think are very, very crucial and are rarely taught in many Amazon courses unfortunately. I immediately knew that I need to learn from Daniel. So I joined his program, it's called Apex Seller and the lessons that he teaches are eye-opening. It actually made me think like, hmm... I'd been quite ignorant in building my Amazon business. So Daniel teaches the real stuff about how to structure and build your business from the ground up and focus on building systems that will sustain your business for the long run, no matter how big you want to scale it.

So if you're trying to grow your Amazon private label business and finding it challenging, I really highly recommend you join Daniel's program. It will help you audit, correct and systemize your business in a way that will give you true freedom as well as the confidence that you'll be able to handle it as it scales. I just want to say thank you, Daniel, for creating a one of a kind program and I'm going to say that his commitment to helping his students succeed is incredible. And I'm so glad I found Apex Seller. Thanks.

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