How Hardeep Learned To Make Better Decisions & Take More Effective Action

NAME:Hardeep Chiraya
LOCATION:Los Angeles, United States
LEVEL:7 Figures
PRODUCT:Apex Seller

Hardeep had taken many courses and knew how to do keyword research, launch products, ManyChat and all sorts of marketing techniques. But something was still missing. Hardeep was making good revenue but his bottom line was just not where he wanted it to be. What he didn’t know was how to think clearly as the CEO of his business, strengthen the fundamentals and make the right decisions. After joining Apex Seller, Hardeep learned how to grow a healthy, profitable and predictable business.


Hey guys, my name is Hardeep Chiraya and I'm based out of Los Angeles, California. And I just wanted to take a minute here and share a little bit about my experience with Daniel's course Apex Seller. I've been selling for about eight, nine months when I joined the course. And I've been in the course for a couple of months now. I've been selling for a little over a year now. And when I joined the course I had taken a lot of different courses and for me, at least in my head I thought I know a lot technically. I mean, I know the basics of how to do keyword research, how to launch products, many chat and you know, all sorts of marketing techniques you can think of. I've taken a lot of different courses from a lot of good top experts.

But there still seems like something was missing. I was making good revenue but my net net bottom line was just not exactly where I wanted it to be. And I looked at Daniel's course and we had a good conversation early on, and immediately I knew that there was something different about his course. And it's not just a course, and it's not just about selling on Amazon, but just the way of thinking the thought process itself is so different. Daniel really has taught me some key concepts on how to just run a business and how to look for margins. We look for margins by increasing the price. We look for margins by trying to sell more. But that's not the only way you make money by cutting costs. You make money by sourcing from the right people, not necessarily by selling it to the customer, but by acquiring it at a lower price.

So we tend to look at the easy stuff and oversee or overlook rather some of the more intricacies. And I think just the way of thinking systemizing has really helped. He goes in great detail on how to hire the right people, how to systemize and how to focus your own time as the CEO of the company, which I think I was very hard to learn from anywhere else and PPC... He has a full on system and to be honest, I'm still going through some of the modules and testing them, it takes several months before you actually can digest and implement everything that he offers. There's just so much in the course. It's a small community of really high level sellers that are willing to help jump on problems when you post something, made some really good friends.

Daniel really cares about people, to a point where he would spend extra time talking to you on the side if need be. And there's a lot of weekly coaching calls and things like that going on. So I think from an accountability standpoint, from learning different things from building community, I've learned a lot. I made a great decision. I'm at a point where I'm looking very confident at exiting my brand in 9, 12 months, hoping to get to seven figures in the next 8 to 12 months, hopefully sooner. So I'm very excited and I thought you guys might want to hear my experience. And hopefully this helps. Thank you.

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