How James Grows With Systems Instead Of "Hustle"

NAME:James Boyd
LOCATION:United Kingdom
LEVEL:7 Figures
PRODUCT:Apex Seller

James and his wife Sarah are 7-figure sellers on Amazon who started their business in 2016. They grew year-on-year but got to a point where growth started to slow and they were struggling to scale up. James and Sarah knew how to sell on Amazon. What they didn’t know was how to "professionalize" their business with systems and operations to take it to the next level of growth. James tells us that joining Apex Seller has been an absolute game-changer that’s fundamentally changed the way they approach their business.


So my name's James Boyd. I'm from the UK. We've been selling on Amazon, both my wife and I since 2016 and we've grown year on year. However we got to a point where growth started to slow and we were struggling to scale up. And we're part of a mastermind group and a number of those people in that group had signed up to the Apex Seller and were raving about how amazing it was. So we set up a call with Daniel and he talked us through the course and why he thought it'd be beneficial to us. It was going to be our first course that we've used for Amazon. But we really wanted to professionalize our business, take it to that next level and particularly focus on PPC. And we signed up for the course in 2019, November, and it's been an absolute game changer.

It's fundamentally changed the way that we've approached our business, has changed our structure, changed our viewpoints, changed our mindsets, particularly on PPC, which is a big focus for us. And that's totally changed the game as well. It's still early days but we've absolutely noticed the difference with our business and we really feel like we can take it to that next level now. I couldn't recommend the training highly enough. It's absolutely fantastic, and if you really want to take your business to that next level, then this isn't just a course about Amazon it's really fundamentals of business, which is why we like it so much. It's not about shiny shiny toys. It's all about doing the basics and doing them really well and taking it to that next level. And Daniel is also fundamentally a really nice guy. He's always available if you've got any questions. Couldn't recommend it enough. Thanks.

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