How Richard Improved His Structure, Systems & Team To Exit At 7-Figures

NAME:Richard Turnbull
LOCATION:United Kingdom
LEVEL:7 Figures
PRODUCT:Apex Seller

Richard used to focus on too many things to grow his private label business, and as a result, he struggled to scale past a certain point. With the Apex system, Richard was able to automate and grow his 7-figure business while removing himself from the daily operations. This then enabled him to exit his business successfully.


Hi, this is Richard Turnbull here from the United Kingdom, formerly a 7-figure seller on Amazon. I say formerly because we exited our business at the end of 2021 with an Amazon aggregator. A big part of that is thank you to Daniel for the Apex system. Before the Apex course, we were trying to focus on too many things, trying to grow a Shopify channel, trying to do too many brands, trying to focus on too many products. And what I loved about going through the course is we were able to break it down into weekly chunks (it's quite a lot of information), so it's helpful to go through in a systemized way to use it to analyze different parts of our business, focusing on the 80/20 principle of what was working for us and what wasn't, which was great to shut down a lot of things so we could focus on what really mattered in our business. And also looking at systemization of things that we could scale and grow.

So after, after doing all of the course, we were able to make sure processes were in place. So when it did come to exit our business, the aggregators gave us a lot of compliments on the way our business was structured and it made the sale a lot easier. So I definitely recommend everyone to do the Apex course, particularly if you're thinking about exiting, cause what it does is it puts you in a good position to automate your business, to scale your business, to grow your business, to remove yourself from the daily operations. And that's exactly what we did. And we were able to make a successful exit and thank you to Daniel.

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