How Bill Grew His Sales By 400% In 9 Months

NAME:Bill F.
LOCATION:Colorado, United States
LEVEL:6 Figures
PRODUCT:Apex Seller

Bill had been selling his own products on Amazon since 2014, but was finding it difficult to grow revenues. He was determined to scale his business further and was looking for legitimate ways to market his products better and increase sales. After investing in the program, Bill took massive action and grew his sales by 400% in less than 9 months.


Hi, my name's Bill and I live in Denver, Colorado. And I have been selling on Amazon since June of 2014 and at the beginning I had a lot of success. I was using a marketing program that showed me how to find products, how to market products and how to rank really high. And over the years, those same marketing programs have added, continually added clients and they're doing the exact same thing. So I was looking for a way that I could actually market the products that I have without using black hat strategies, without doing velocity spikes, without putting in fake reviews that, some of the sellers will do from time to time. About a year ago I was talking to Daniel and he said he had a new program he was creating, called Apex Seller and it was going to have legitimate ways to do marketing.

It sounded like something I was looking for. So I joined the program about nine months ago. And since that time, my sales have gone up 400%. I'm using legitimate techniques on how to market my products. I'm doing things that are not going to get me kicked out of Amazon, which a lot of those black hat strategies, when Amazon finds out you will be gone. And the wonderful thing about the Apex Seller program was I was looking for a marketing program. Well this isn't just a marketing program. Daniel has given you an insight into his years of building Amazon business. So it's not just about marketing, it's about actually building a legitimate brand and a big business that Daniel has built over the years. And so, you not only get into marketing, but you get into vendor management and you also get into your own management on how you can make yourself successful.

So this is a wonderful program. Daniel has been a wonderful mentor over the last nine months in this program and he's really helped out a lot. He really does have a concern about you as well, which is wonderful. He's just helped me so much and I can't thank him enough. So, I will say if you are looking to build a legitimate brand and make some extra money or maybe quit your day job, Apex Seller is a program you should really check out because it's all about selling products, building quality products, and creating a quality brand. And that is just wonderful. So I can't thank Daniel enough. And if you want to join the program, that would be great.

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