How Shane Went From $0 To Multiple 6-Figures In 2 Years

NAME:Shane Catch
LOCATION:Dublin, Ireland
LEVEL:6 Figures
PRODUCT:Apex Seller

Shane started his Amazon business with Daniel Audunsson's guidance after graduating college in 2017. Once he grew into mid 6-figures in 2019, he got increasingly frustrated because he wasn’t sure on the next steps and how to transition from being a solopreneur to building a team. The steps that got him to 6-figures weren’t getting him to 7-figures. After joining Apex Seller he quit his day job, started traveling the world with his girlfriend and started to scale into 7-figures.


Hello, my name is Shane and I'm from Dublin Ireland as you can probably tell. And shortly after finishing college in 2017 I started an Amazon business. I could see the great opportunity there and this year we're on track to do multiple six figures. But I was growing increasingly frustrated because I wasn't sure on the next steps and really making that transition from solopreneur to building a team. So earlier this year I reached out to Daniel and looking for his advice on this sort of move or transition. Luckily for me he was just in the process of creating Apex Seller. Now when he started rolling out this content, I knew it was exactly exactly what we needed and some of the things in it like strategy, like how to focus my time and really make the most out of my day as an entrepreneur, how to build a world class supply chain management systems to have consistent top quality products and really separate us from the competition and he even encouraged me to hire a supply chain manager... so it would free up my time and allow me to focus on expanding the business.

Probably most importantly is the systems and how to build systems and teams for scale and how it will enable us now to effectively scale into seven figures and beyond. So at the moment I'm actually in Bali, you can probably tell if you've been here before, it does familiar sounds in the background and with Amazon and having Apex, it's given me confidence to move effectively to Asia since June with my girlfriend. We've been places like Chiang Mai, Phuket, Bangkok and Bali. And if you have an opportunity to join Apex Seller, don't hesitate. You should really be working with Daniel because he's a top guy and you won't regret it. This is my current set up here. Now let's see. Let me see. I don't know if you can see that but anyway, join Apex Seller.

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