How Ben Was Able To Scale Quickly & Buy His Million Dollar Dream House

NAME:Ben Luong
LOCATION:Birmingham, United Kingdom
LEVEL:7 Figures
PRODUCT:Apex Seller

Ben hit a ceiling on the growth of his Amazon business. He realized that what got him to low 7-figures would not get him to mid / high 7-figures. The main thing Ben was lacking were clear, scalable systems and the ability to hire and manage a world-class team. With our help, Ben was able to break through the ceiling and scale quickly to mid 7-figures (and counting).


Hello, my name is Ben and I would like to take this chance to give Daniel a review for his Apex Seller course. I joined Apex Seller back in February of last year, February, 2020. And I found the course extremely, extremely helpful. I have been selling on Amazon for quite a while, and I had reached a stage where I've kind of hit a ceiling. That's why I joined the course. And I found that his method and strategies in the course have really helped me break past that ceiling. I found the week on pay-per-click and advertising very helpful. There's a systematic way that Daniel shows how to do your pay-per-click, how to capture more keywords and eventually capture more sales and build on your organic rank. And also the section on systems. With me, because I've been on Amazon quite a long time, my systems were quite floppy.

It wasn't exactly there. So after going through that module, I looked at my systems, I panned it out, laid it out, put it on the drawing board and built up the systems from there. Another part of the course that I absolutely like is the hiring part. I'm quite weak on hiring and I probably like a lot of you out there, probably like to do most of the things yourself. It's not really possible to scale to massive heights by doing that. I implemented what he taught on hiring and last year we hit the mid seven-figures in revenue. It was absolutely brilliant. We sold a lot of products. We ranked for a lot of products and sales are still coming in and it's getting stronger and stronger and stronger. And I would also like to mention that regarding Daniel's help, he does these twice weekly webinars where you can ask him questions and he's always there for you.

He's always there on the Facebook group and everything. So he can really, really help you. So if you do want to scale your business, Apex Seller and Daniel is a must. I can't recommend him enough. Daniel has actually asked me to give this review testimony quite a while ago. But I've been very busy and it's because I just bought my million pound house. It's not to brag. With his help and with Amazon, I believe anyone can do this. So I have been busy moving, the house is actually a five bedroom house and it's actually got five bathrooms upstairs as well. So all your dreams and reality can come true. So do take the course, follow what Daniel says. And you can't go wrong. Take care.

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