The Training Paid For Itself In 2 Weeks!

NAME:David Storey
LOCATION:United Kingdom
LEVEL:7 Figures
PRODUCT:Apex Seller

David started selling on Amazon in 2014 and had massive success in 2016 and early 2017; turning over $2.5 Million USD with a good profit margin. But then things started to go wrong. He was determined to get back on his feet and joined Apex Seller in May, 2019. What stood out to David is how different the program is and that it teaches the 'missing links' for consistent, long-term success in a private label business on Amazon. David's investment into Apex Seller paid for itself many times over in just a few months.


Hi, my name is David Storey. I'm from The UK and I wanted to make a short video to tell you about the Apex Seller training program and why it's different from other packages out there. So I've been selling on Amazon since 2014 / 2015 and had massive success in 2016 and early 17. I think our turnover was about $2.5 Million with a good healthy profit margin. And in 2017, things started to go wrong for us. And it was a bit of a disaster really, the competition upped their game. We tried to expand too fast and didn't have the systems in place to support that level of expansion. And we had lots of quality problems and all these conspired to us losing money and in the next 12 months losing a lot of money.

And in 2018 we really just steadied the ship and started getting back on our feet. We knew we wanted to expand again in 2019 but we weren't quite sure how to do it, but we had some ideas on what we needed to do. And about that time, in 2019, we came across the Apex Seller training program by Daniel Audunsson and immediately connected with Daniel's ethos on how to run an Amazon business. And it is very different I can tell you from the other training packages out there. Daniel's level of detail and his business acumen that he puts into these training packages is far greater than programs that we've been in before. I think we've probably spent about $20,000 on various training programs and traveling cross to Vegas a couple of times. And Texas and Michigan, Barcelona to name a few, London.

And yeah these training packages are, they're good. The programs and the people that speak, yeah. They do teach you things on how to sell and make more money on Amazon, but everyone knows this stuff. It's just general information that everyone is using. So if it works, it's not going to work for very long. And that's what we found with Daniel's program, is the Apex program is so different in the fact that it's really teaching you some real business fundamentals and things that you should do that, you shouldn't really be doing on these other training courses. And we've had some immediate success straight away. We've done about three quarters of the program so far and already implemented quite a few things and the course has paid for itself a few times over already and that while we haven't really got products in stock with the new new processes. So if you're thinking about doing the Apex package and you're either new to Amazon, or you are like us, you're in Amazon and scratching your head a little bit on where to go next, I would advise you do it. It's absolutely fantastic and it will give you a strategic advantage across and over the competitors. And that's really what you want, really. So that's it. So thanks to Daniel.

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