How Tobias Went From Distraction & Overwhelm To Focus & Leverage

NAME:Tobias Schabanowski
LEVEL:6 Figures
PRODUCT:Apex Seller

Tobias is a young entrepreneur who's had good success with Amazon FBA in Germany. But he became distracted and overwhelmed with all the marketing opportunities out there. After joining Apex Seller he learned what truly matters in a private label business. As a result he became focused. Now he's able to scale his business with clarity, simplicity and leverage.


Hi, my name is Tobias Schabanowski and this is my review of the Apex Seller group. I'm coming from Germany. And before coming to this course I was completely distracted with all the marketing opportunities out there. I was completely blind. I did not know how to focus and what is important in my business, and what are the most important basic things in an Amazon FBA business. This is what I learned now as I've went half through the course. And this was really, really game changing because I was focusing completely on the wrong things. And yeah, I can just really recommend this course because nobody is telling you these things in all the conferences out there or at least in the conferences I went to here in Germany or the online courses I purchased. Nobody is even touching it.

Everybody is just talking about how to increase the sales through like social media or all the advertising possibilities out there and there's so much more in an Amazon business, which you can improve so much and which has such leverage for your business. It's amazing. And it was really an eye opener for me. And as I went through it I couldn't believe nobody's just talking about it. So I can completely recommend this course for you. It will really change your business and especially for the people which are starting with it or which are so new like I was to being an entrepreneur and starting with Amazon FBA. This is really, really helpful and will save you a lot of time, a lot of stress and a lot of money.

I think this is a nice insight into the course. This was my review. Bye bye.

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