Cause-Effect Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with examples

Daniel Audunsson

Everyone wants a business that produces predictable results (profit).

Where if you (/ your team) put $1 in, you get $2 out.

Thankfully, such business models exist and anyone can learn them (Amazon FBA is one example).

But how do you magnify your results? (i.e. put $10 in, get $20 out)

And how do you gain leverage, that is, get more with less? (i.e. put $5 in, get $25 out)

The most important question perhaps is…

How do you prevent worsening results? (i.e. put $15 in, get $15 out)

Well, it starts with a clear understanding of the cause and effect in your business.

In other words: What controllable action drives results?

And what action does not drive results (or very little)?

Most important though to increase success… 

What can we stop doing, and what can we do more of, to get more of what we want?

In this free training, I show you how to use “cause-effect KPIs” to drive better, more predictable results in your business.

After you learn this and apply it, your business will never be the same...

You will finally have a high degree of control over the results you get (revenue and profits).

This is what we want.


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