How To Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) To Operate Your Business

Daniel Audunsson

5 years ago a mentor of mine taught me about Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). 

I had heard about KPI’s before, but this is when I really “got it”.

Ever since that day KPI’s have been a top 3 tool in my business.

They have caused a degree of control and a level of focus that’s simply impossible to achieve without them.

It’s like having a “finger on the pulse” of your business at all times. I could not imagine running a business without them.

In this video I show you exactly how I use KPI’s in my businesses to understand what works (and what doesn’t) with scientific precision. And to focus on the right things.

I also show you how to apply KPI’s into your own business, the right way.


  • What are Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)?
  • The 4 step process to set-up KPI’s in your business
  • Real-life example of how to use KPI’s correctly
  • Examples of different types of KPI’s and how to build them
  • How to use KPI’s with a team to drive focus and performance


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