Is Amazon Changing Your Product Listings? This Is Why… (Amazon FBA 2024)

Shane Catchpole


If you've found yourself facing unexpected changes to your Amazon listings, you're not alone. In recent times, many sellers have encountered challenges with their listings being altered without their consent, posing significant concerns for their businesses. In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons behind these changes, how they occur, and most importantly, how to resolve them effectively to regain control over your product listings on Amazon.

Deciphering the A10 Algorithm:

To understand why Amazon is making unauthorized changes to listings, it's essential to grasp the workings of the A10 algorithm. This complex algorithm evaluates various factors, including account health, product performance, defects, sales metrics, and conversion rates, to determine the visibility and placement of products on the platform.

Shifts in Algorithmic Recommendations:

Traditionally, the A10 algorithm provided suggestions for optimization, particularly in advertising campaigns. However, these recommendations often yielded poor results, leaving sellers frustrated with wasted resources. Despite the potential for improvement in AI-driven recommendations, recent observations indicate that Amazon is not only suggesting but actively implementing changes to listings without seller intervention.

Understanding Winning Contributors:

Central to this issue is the concept of winning contributors—a system that assigns a ranking score to users based on their involvement in updating listings. Sellers, listing teams, brand registry teams, and Amazon retail teams all possess different rank scores, influencing their ability to make changes to listings.

Navigating Support Channels:

When faced with listing changes, contacting Amazon support is crucial. However, identifying the winning contributor is paramount for resolving the issue effectively. In some cases, support may attribute changes to the seller or their team erroneously. Through persistent communication and clarification, sellers can ascertain the true winning contributor and initiate corrective action.

Resolving Listing Alterations:

Once the winning contributor is identified, steps can be taken to rectify the situation. By engaging with support and escalating the issue to higher tiers, sellers can challenge unauthorized changes made by teams with higher rank scores. Removing the winning contribution from these teams restores the seller's ability to edit listing attributes and regain control over their product listings.

Empowering Sellers with Solutions:

While navigating Amazon's intricate ecosystem can be challenging, understanding the mechanisms behind listing changes equips sellers with the knowledge needed to address such issues effectively. By leveraging support channels and advocating for their businesses' interests, sellers can mitigate the impact of unauthorized listing alterations and maintain control over their Amazon presence.


The prevalence of unauthorized listing changes on Amazon underscores the importance of seller vigilance and proactive engagement with support channels. By unraveling the complexities of the A10 algorithm and winning contributor system, sellers can assert their control over listing attributes and safeguard their businesses from unwarranted disruptions. With persistence and strategic advocacy, sellers can navigate these challenges with confidence, ensuring their continued success in the competitive landscape of Amazon commerce.

Through informed action and diligent oversight, sellers can safeguard their listings and maintain a strong presence on the platform, driving growth and prosperity in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.