Why You Must Have A Genuine Strategic Advantage To Win Big On Amazon

Daniel Audunsson

Conditions have changed. Back in 2012, selling your own private label on Amazon FBA was a new and untapped opportunity. Today everyone seems to be doing it!

It's wonderful that so many people have built incredible businesses with this model. But the truth is that the simple model of private labeling is getting less and less efficient.

There are way more sellers and an ocean of products have entered the marketplace. The opposite was true when I got started. Not only that but Amazon has opened up for Chinese suppliers to sell their own products. It's hard to win when you pay more to sell the exact same product as someone else.

So what can you do? More marketing? More products? Better launch strategies?


None of that solves the problem. It doesn’t change the situation.

In this video I explain the #1 shift any private label seller must make right now to succeed in a big way on Amazon. I also provide you with a free tool to help you do this.

Here's what we’ll cover:

  1. How conditions have changed since 2012 but most sellers approach has not
  2. The reality of competition and why it’s the most challenging aspect of business to accept. Do you even stand a chance?
  3. Why the level of competition on Amazon isn’t the same for every seller
  4. How “over-saturation” is directly related to being a “me too” type of entrepreneur
  5. Why you must always stay at least one step ahead of the pack
  6. The “copy-paste” problem of private labeling
  7. The importance of having a genuine strategic advantage and how to make the competition irrelevant
  8. My 12-step framework for creating a dominant strategic position with a product
  9. Turning market biases into your secret weapon
  10. The 3 levels of product evolution and how to give your customers more for less
  11. FREE GIFT: My Pain Points Framework for uncovering a superior product

Click here to access the free Pain Points Framework.

I hope you enjoy the video and get some great value from it.

Let me know what you think after watching it in the comments below?