Why Products Fail On Amazon

Daniel Audunsson

Whether you’re new or experienced, there is always a chance that your next product will fail.


How can we increase the chances of success?

Most sellers consider plenty of data points and access a variety of tools, to choose the right product to launch next. In my experience though, there is one factor that is more important than anything else, when it comes to success vs failure.

This is something that most sellers fail to consider at all. And it can be a devastating mistake.

And now as we head into 2020... with the ever-increasing levels of competition on Amazon, this will soon be your ticket to the stars -- or the nail in your coffin.


  1. Why most sellers THINK their products fail (delusion)
  2. The real reason why products fail (and my litmus test)
  3. The formula for success with any branded product (art/logic)
  4. Option #1 for succeeding with private label products (small waves)
  5. Option #2 for succeeding with private label products (big waves)
  6. How to add value with private label products (and the 3 stages of evolution)
  7. FREE TOOL: The PPP Framework

If you want to avoid failure with your products, minimize risk and increase success --  then I encourage you to watch this video.

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- Daniel Audunsson and the team at Into Profits