Is Vietnam The “New China” For Private Label Products?

Daniel Audunsson

China has come under fire recently from many angles; one of them being its status as the “manufacturer of the world”.

Trade tariffs and rising costs have caused many to question its long-term viability as a sourcing destination for their private label products.

With the increased anti-China sentiment many consumers have also started to avoid products made in China.

At the same time other sourcing destinations such as Vietnam are on the rise and becoming viable options to source private label products.

One of the big benefits of sourcing from Vietnam right now is that there are still many “un-tapped“ opportunities for private labeling. 

For brands that make Amazon their primary sales channel and competition is fierce, Vietnam offers many opportunities to find products with little competition on Amazon. 

This is because few Amazon-based businesses are sourcing in Vietnam yet. And unlike Chinese suppliers, Vietnamese manufacturers are not in competition with you by selling direct-to-consumer.

But it’s not all rainbows and “Skittles” in Vietnam either and China still offers many benefits. In this video I break down the pros and cons to Vietnam vs China as a sourcing destination.

If you’re considering Vietnam as a sourcing destination for your private label products, then this video is for you:


  • The trend
  • The opportunity
  • The barrier-to-entry
  • The tariffs
  • The costs
  • The quality
  • The categories
  • The “How-To”


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