Beware: vCPM Amazon Sponsored Display Attribution

Shane Catchpole

After Amazon unveiled vCPM Sponsored Display campaigns, they were all the hype with people posting insane stats…

Our team decided to put this feature to the test, and the results were astonishing – a jaw-dropping tripling of sales within just four weeks for one of our clients. While the initial report portrayed a picture of success with a low ACoS, the twist lies in the fact that the overall sales for our client didn't experience a corresponding surge.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of our vCPM ad campaign and unravel why the apparent success on the graphs might not necessarily translate into tangible business growth.

The Initial Triumph:

Launching our clients first vCPM ad campaign was marked by a surge in sales that seemed promising at first glance. The low ACoS added to the optimism, creating an initial sense of triumph. However, as we dug deeper into the data, a more complex narrative began to emerge.

Beyond the Surface:

The revelation that the overall sales for our client remained stagnant despite the apparent success of the vCPM campaign raised critical questions. Was the success attributed solely to the vCPM ads, or was there a more nuanced interplay between organic and paid efforts? This prompted us to dissect the numbers further and explore the hidden dynamics at play.

As we dissected the vCPM data, a clearer picture began to emerge. While the campaign seemingly drove a surge in ad sales, it failed to translate into a proportional increase in overall sales. The seemingly impressive low ACoS masked a more profound issue – the organic sales were not seeing the anticipated boost.


This case study serves as a reminder of the importance of monitoring your brand's progress holistically. Metrics such as ACoS and ad sales, while valuable, might not provide the complete story. Understanding how VCPM ads impact organic growth is crucial for a comprehensive advertising strategy. 

Watch the full video here to witness the impact and results of this vCPM campaign!