The Formula For Change

Daniel Audunsson

The Formula For Change

The family and I decided to change up our environment for a bit.

Two days ago we moved into a lovely little villa here in Thailand.

My two little girls already love it! It feels so much more relaxing than the fast-pace in Hong Kong.

Yesterday we were shopping some essentials. The experience reminded me of a lesson I learned a while ago that you may find value in too.

This principle has made one of the biggest differences for me as an entrepreneur and as a human in life.

It's incredibly powerful and I look at it as the "glue" that connects me to you, the universe and everything.

Some call it "karma", others call it "luck", some call it "the mirror" and yet others call it "vibrations".

It has been passed on through generations with wisdom such as "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Well it's true and it's real.

Life is not "fair" though and in my experience this isn't about that.

This is not about acting a certain way to get something back.

This is not some magical force that makes you "deserving" of the best.

This is all about YOU.

This is about who YOU are and how that impacts how you view and act in this world. And THAT changes what you get back.

Back to my experience yesterday when we were shopping some essentials for the villa…

As we were shopping around I noticed that some of the sales people were surprised by how quickly I decided to buy.

And we were choosing some good quality products with a price tag to match. I guess they're used to people needing more time to decide.

The benefits of being decisive is something I'd love to get into another day… but what I want to share with you today is why I make ALL of my buying decisions QUICKLY.

It does not matter what it is - big or small - I decide yes or no FAST.


Because as someone that sells products myself that's what I want others to do when they encounter what I sell.

I want my products to fly off the shelves…

By acting this way myself, that's how the reality I live in works.

Since this has become my natural way of being, I assume that this is “the norm”. That this is they way others are too.

And THIS has a massive impact on the way I act and do things in this world.

And THAT changes what I get back from life in a very big way.

To me this is "karma". In my world, the root of it is my own belief system and how I show up in the world. NOT what I “deserve”.

What do you expect will happen? How do you believe the world works?

That changes everything.

And I guarantee that your own actions are a direct reflection of the things you believe.

If you treat other people badly I guarantee that other people treat you badly too.

If you "struggle" to spend money I guarantee it's going to be hard for you to make money too.

And that's how it works for everything.

It's beautiful how it works… To get the things you want, you must first become the right person.

Not the person that "deserves" it, but the person that can make it happen. And without beliefs that align with what you want it will always be a big struggle to make it happen…

And the most important thing to understand is that…

You won't ever truly believe things are a certain way unless you ACT that way yourself. Actions do speak louder than words.

You can try to change your beliefs by "thinking" but when you contradict that with your actions… what does this say about what you actually believe?


The wonderful thing is that the best way to change is through actions. If you commit to a certain behavior change for long enough you will change as a person.

There is no other way around it. You will actually be different.

So if you want to change what you get "back" in a certain aspect of life, start by changing the way YOU act as step #1.

For example if you want to sell more of your products… start to buy products from others faster and with a heart full of abundance and joy.

You’ll be surprised to see how your ability to get more "back" in your business will start to improve.

This is how you transcend yourself.

p.s. I've taken this to many extremes. For example about six years ago… to transcend my beliefs around money… I literally threw all change (coins) I got into the trash.

Now I know that's a pretty "horrible" and wasteful thing to do… and from a logical standpoint you might even say stupid. But it did impact my belief system to a more abundant one and that has made me a lot more money than the coins I threw away.

And this has allowed me to give more and help a lot more people.

There is a simple formula I use to identify how to evolve my actions in-tune with what I'd like more of:

I'd like more _______, therefore I should act more _______ myself.

I know it's very simple but it helps me identify the action to amplify.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • I'd like more love, therefore I should act more loving myself.
  • I'd like more money, therefore I should act more abundant with money myself.
  • I'd like more energy, therefore I should act more energetic and alive myself. (exercise more, eat more food that's "alive", etc)
  • I'd like more courage to express myself, therefore I should act more embracing of others myself. (less judgmental)
  • I'd like more freedom, therefore I should act more free myself. (dare to do the things I want, not be afraid of risks, etc)

Alright that's it.

I hope this helps you manifest more of what you want in life and I encourage you to evolve your actions in-tune with your desires.

Do it every day and never stop.

Life never stagnates and neither should you!

Let me know what you think in the comments below?