Client Turned Team Member Interview: Shane’s Journey To 7-Figures

Daniel Audunsson

4 years ago Shane joined my previous training program, Infinity Code. Shane had just graduated top-of-class with a MSc in Finance but didn’t find a “regular job” that offered what he wanted.

So he took matters into his own hands and started his own business selling private label products on Amazon.

Fast-forward 4 years and Shane is now approaching 7-figures with his business. He’s also found his “zone of genius” within the business, which are the advertising systems & more broadly, operations.

At the start of 2021 Shane joined our team here at IntoProfits, where we are currently hard at work behind the scenes building “the next generation” of Amazon PL systems using automation technology, predictive analytics and AI (more on that later this year).

I sat down with Shane and we discussed his journey so far, what he’s doing differently and main lessons learned. Check it out, you’ll learn a lot!


  • Shane’s unlikely path into Amazon PL after graduating top-of-class with MSc in Finance
  • Why Shane resonated with my scientific and predictable approach to business
  • How Shane hit a ceiling with 3 - 4 products at ≈ $20,000 p/ month and struggled to scale
  • The point of confusion as a solopreneur with plate full and not knowing what to do next
  • How Shane was able to predictably get to the next level with clear systems & operations
  • Why hiring a supply chain manager and dialing in that part of his business was critical
  • How Shane has been able to crack the “holy grail” of entrepreneurship which is hiring and building a team with an A-Player culture
  • What roles does Shane have on his team now that he’s approaching the 7-figures level
  • How applying predictable full-scale Amazon advertising systems was a game-changer
  • The surprising synergy between Shane’s MSc in Finance and Amazon PPC processes
  • How Shane is growing to 7-figures without “external marketing” and by focusing purely on product strategy + listing optimization + PPC
  • Why there’s still massive room for improvement within Amazon Advertising and how Shane has joined forces with IntoProfits to continue to develop even better systems & tech for Amazon PPC
  • What we are working on currently at IntoProfits and building to take things further...

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