Running Out Of Stock (Amazon FBA 2024)

Shane Catchpole


In today's video, we're delving into a critical topic for success on Amazon FBA – the challenges and consequences of going out of stock. Maintaining a high in-stock rate is key, and we'll discuss the various factors that come into play when your Amazon FBA business faces this situation.

Maintaining High In-Stock Rates:

Success on Amazon FBA often correlates with maintaining a 95 percent in-stock rate or higher. While out-of-stock scenarios may happen, the goal is to minimize them. This ensures that your hard work in areas like ad investments, backend SEO, content creation, and advertising campaigns contributes to a consistently high organic ranking.

Impact on Organic Ranking:

Going out of stock directly impacts your organic ranking on Amazon. Once out of stock, your product loses visibility. However, when you restock, there's a chance to rebuild trust, although the organic ranking might not immediately return to its previous level.

Advertising Campaigns and Trust Score:

The duration of being out of stock influences your advertising campaigns. Long periods of unavailability can result in a drop in trust score with Amazon's advertising algorithms. Rebuilding this trust takes time, impacting the performance of your advertising campaigns.

Algorithm and Customer Trust:

Amazon prioritizes customer satisfaction. Frequent stockouts can lead to a reduction in your trust score. If your product isn't consistently available, Amazon won't prioritize it in search results. Addressing stock issues at their root cause is essential to maintain trust.

Investment upon Restocking:

Rebuilding organic ranking and trust requires a reinvestment in advertising. Recognizing that Amazon is a "paid to play" platform, sellers should be prepared to reinvest time and resources to regain lost ground.

Profit and Momentum:

Profit in Amazon FBA businesses often relies on momentum. Sustaining stock and maintaining efforts in areas like ads, content, SEO, and conversion rates contribute to the most significant profits during peak periods. Keeping this momentum is crucial to long-term success.

Tips for Maintaining Stock:

Utilize tools like "Sellerise" to analyze your product range's profit breakdown. Identifying top-performing products and ensuring their consistent availability can significantly contribute to good product ranking.


In conclusion, going out of stock on Amazon FBA poses several challenges that can impact your business's performance. Understanding these pitfalls and taking proactive measures, such as analyzing profit breakdowns and utilizing effective tools, can help you avoid these issues and achieve success on the platform.

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