8 Unusual Product Selection Principles

Daniel Audunsson

I’ve got a “weird way” of viewing product research on Amazon.

Because in my 10 years of experience there’s no “perfect process” to identify predictable, profitable private label products to sell on Amazon.

Instead, what I HAVE discovered are 8 principles that largely determine the success you’ll have with new products.

I speak with sellers about this topic all the time and it’s the #1 point of frustration / confusion for most new (and many established) sellers.

So today I decided to make a new video and share my 8 principles with you for free.

This is not a “product research tutorial” (there are plenty of those). Instead, I’m going to show you how I THINK about selecting new products to launch. It might help you too.


  1. Input vs Process
  2. Value vs Money
  3. Offer vs Product
  4. Barrier vs Open
  5. Bid Scenario vs Price
  6. $ Margin vs % Margin
  7. Goal vs Potential
  8. Test vs Research

I hope you like it.

Daniel Audunsson & The Team at Into Profits