Private Label Success Pillar Two (2/2) - Profit Margin

Daniel Audunsson

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After selecting the right product to sell, there’s a second critical pillar to success. Without these two pillars strong you will never have a massively successful (and profitable) private label business.

This second pillar is your profit margins.

Cash truly is king and at the end of the day, revenue without profits will not provide you with the lifestyle and wealth that you want, nor will it enable you to reinvest into growing your business.

But even more critically, without strong profit margins you will not be competitive and eventually you’ll be out of business because your competition will be able to beat you (easily).

Now you might think that what you see is what you get; there’s nothing you can do about your profit margins. Your product, shipping, and so forth costs $X and that’s the way it is and always will be.

Not true.

There is a MASSIVE difference in COGS (Cost Of Good Sold) between identical products of exactly the same quality - depending on a long list of factors that influence it.

How are you going to compete with someone that is able to get the same product you are selling into the hands of your customers by paying $5 for it, while you are paying $10?

Extremely difficult. Especially in the long-run.

This is why I’ve invested most of my energy for the last couple of years into developing my own world-class sourcing and logistics team, with unrivaled access, connections, knowledge and insights into the whole private label sourcing, procuring, shipping and importing process.

Now I’ve been at this full-time for more than 6 years, building up offices and a team totaling over 50 people at one time - and I realize this is more than what most private label brand owners want to go through.

And that’s why I’ve decided to offer the services of my team to the right clients. I know this can be a truly game-changing opportunity for you.

It has always been a theme in my career as an entrepreneur to help others along the same path. It was never my intention to do so when it comes to private labeling but it’s something I’ve consistently been called on to do over the years.

Right now, I believe there is no greater service we can provide you with in the current private label environment, than helping you increase the profits in your business. And so, from time to time we're going to open up spots to help you improve your profit margins by 30%, or even more.

We’ll do our best to expand and serve those who are a great fit, however our capacity is limited due to the intense one-on-one attention we have to provide to bring you these results.

That being said, if you're interested in predictably increasing your profits by 30% or more on your next order then definitely reach out to see if we have spots open.