Objectives & Key Results (OKRs): Set Goals Like Google And Master Achievement

Daniel Audunsson

OKR stands for “Objectives & Key Results”. This is the method Google uses to set goals and achieve them. 

It’s the most effective system I have ever found for planning and goal setting (and I’ve tried many). It has had a huge impact on me and my business this year.

But here is the thing. If you were to study OKR’s from scratch on your own, it would take you 20 - 30 hours to get it right for your business.

This is what I did. And I ended up adjusting Google’s approach to fit PERFECTLY with a small to mid-size online business like ours. 

This means we’re able to reverse-engineer our success with precision and data.

This also makes managing a team SO MUCH easier, which I explain in the training.

In short; this method is a game-changer for any online business owner. And “The OKR tracker” should be a top 3 tool in your business.

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Let’s make this your best year yet!

- Daniel Audunsson and the team at Into Profits