NEW RISK with China suppliers

Daniel Audunsson

Sourcing products from China? There’s a new type of risk you must pay close attention to.

China is experiencing an economic slowdown due to the USA-China "trade war".

Not only does this present challenges for us sellers, but also for Chinese suppliers.

Right now, certain suppliers are starting to struggle. And this will increase over the coming months (and years). 

This exposes you as a seller to a new type of risk -  and a potentially devastating scenario.

Because you can mitigate this risk, if you prepare for it -  I want to show you what this new scenario looks like and what to do about it.

Watch this video BEFORE it happens to you.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

You heard it from me first that this scenario will become more common. And you don't want to experience this when it's too late to prevent it.

Check it out and then join the conversation by sharing what you think in the comments below?

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To your continued success! 

- Daniel Audunsson and the team at Into Profits