Client Interview: How Tom Runs An Ultra-Efficient 7-Figure Amazon Business

Daniel Audunsson

It’s because of people like my friend Tom that we get a kick out of helping sellers with the REAL stuff that WORKS.

After working with us, Tom went from $980,000 to $1,750,000 p/ year in 12 months.

He also went from being a slave to his business to running it with a team and only working on Fridays.

Tom is as genuine as it gets: If you want the raw truth on the inner workings of a hyper-efficient 7-figure Amazon business, sit down with us and listen in on our conversation.

  • How Tom grew his business from $980,000 to $1,750,000 p/ year in 12 months
  • How Tom went from overworked to running his business on Fridays with a team
  • How Tom grew PPC sales to $33,000 p/ month while reducing ad spend by moving from an agency to running PPC in-house
  • How Tom reduced the COGS by $43,920 p/ year on one of his products in 2 ½ hours

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