How To Master The Finances In Your Private Label Business

Daniel Audunsson

Finances: This is the single most underrated and untapped area for growth, for the majority of private label businesses.


  • Why a “low financial IQ” is often the #1 thing standing between you and your goals
  • How you “suffocate” your own business if you don’t have adequate “financial space”
  • How outstanding financial operations increase profitability and reduce costs, while saving inordinate amounts of time and eliminating “tax pain”
  • How to use 1-click cash flow projections to make better decisions and optimize growth
  • How to shorten your cash conversion cycle (CCC) by at least 70 days to unlock greater scale and resilience while reducing risk (critical in the current supply chain crisis)
  • The right way to leverage credit & supplier terms and exactly when to do it (stop wasting this “nearly free” opportunity)
  • Debt vs equity financing and the only way to use either safely to grow your business 2x to 3x faster (or more)

Shane and I sincerely hope that this little training session sharpens your financial perspective and helps you see new opportunities to be more successful.

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Daniel, Shane & The Team at Into Profits