How To Grow Faster By Using Your Cash Better

Daniel Audunsson

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Here's something that will make a HUGE impact on your private label business:

The cash cycle.

Yet I don't see anyone talk about this.

But it's fundamental to your ability to grow and scale your business.

The formula for growth is very simple:

Length of cash cycle  / profit margin = growth factor.

The LOWER this number is the faster you'll grow.

The quicker you can turnaround your cash and the higher your profit margin, the faster you can grow. It's as simple as that.

Add the fact that, the more cash volume is in your cycle the more money you'll make.

And you have the formula for growth and making money in this business.

One of the most valuable things you can do is improve your cash cycle and the utilization of cash in your business.

Have you made sure this part of your business is as strong as it can be?

If not, you're not growing as fast as you could.

There are many things you can do to shorten your cash cycle and increase your profit margins. And even inject more cash to ramp up the cash volume and profit made.

Throughout the years I've built up an arsenal of methods to optimize the use of cash in my business. It's critical if you want to grow your private label profits quickly.

This is one of the things I'm sharing with my students in Apex Seller.

Here is what one student sent me about this part of the training:

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To faster growth!
- Daniel