How to Boost Your Product Rating (Amazon FBA 2024)

Shane Catchpole


Today we're diving into the intricate world of Amazon product ratings. I'm joined by MJ, who brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. We'll explore the impact of product ratings on your success and share valuable tips to elevate your ratings.

Understanding the Importance of Product Ratings:

Product ratings on Amazon are not just about numbers; they contribute to building a positive and trustworthy brand image. Low ratings can harm visibility, credibility, and even lead to account issues. Let's delve into strategies to improve your overall rating and performance.

Amazon's Feedback System:

Amazon's feedback system operates on two mechanisms – seller feedback focusing on the overall buying experience and product feedback specific to the item purchased. We'll discuss how these components impact your success and share tips to navigate them effectively.

Customer Reviews and Turning Negatives into Positives:

Customer reviews play a pivotal role in shaping product ratings. Learn how to turn negative reviews into positive outcomes by directly engaging with customers. MJ breaks down the key elements, including empathizing, providing personalized solutions, highlighting improvements, and expressing follow-up appreciation.

Voice of the Customer (VOTC):

Discover the importance of the Voice of the Customer tool within Seller Central. MJ emphasizes the value of analyzing and resolving frequently mentioned product issues to enhance customer satisfaction and mitigate negative feedback.

Seller Feedback to Product Rating:

Explore the strategy of leveraging seller feedback to encourage customers to provide product ratings. MJ shares insights on how to convey appreciation directly to customers and gently request them to share their experiences.

Support Review for Positive Feedback:

Utilize support reviews as an opportunity to collect positive feedback. MJ explains how to ask customers who reach out via support channels to leave product reviews without violating Amazon's policies.

The Product Improvement Tracker:

MJ introduces a practical tool – the Product Improvement Tracker. This manual tracking system allows you to identify and address issues with your products. Learn how to track refund rates, categorize issues, and prioritize improvements for a long-term impact on customer satisfaction.

Data Visualization for Strategic Insights:

Understand how to use the Product Improvement Tracker to create graphs that visually highlight key issues. Gain strategic insights into the main challenges affecting your products and prioritize improvements based on real data.

Honorable Mentions: Post-Purchase Review Automation:

Discover the importance of post-purchase review automation using third-party tools like Sellerize and Feedback Genius. MJ explains how engaging with customers post-purchase fosters loyalty, satisfaction, and increased reviews.


Mastering the art of Amazon product ratings involves a holistic approach – from understanding customer feedback to strategic improvements. By implementing these tips and tools, you can elevate your product ratings, build a positive brand image, and pave the way for long-term success on Amazon.

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