Unlocking Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions: Less Than 10% ACoS

Shane Catchpole

We have got some exciting news to share! Amazon has recently rolled out a powerful new feature that many sellers seem to be overlooking. It is called Brand Tailored Promotions, and it is a game-changer for Amazon Registered sellers using Amazon FBA. In this blog post, we share the details of this feature and how you can leverage it to skyrocket your sales.

The Power of Brand-Tailored Promotions

First things first, what exactly are Brand Tailored Promotions? Well, think of it as your secret weapon for targeting specific audiences on Amazon. These tailored promotions allow you to reach out to potential customers in unique ways, offering discounts, promotions, and incentives. It's like having a personalized marketing campaign right at your fingertips.

Here's a quick overview of some of the strategies you can use:

1. Cart Abandoners: Ever wondered about those customers who added products to their cart but never completed the purchase? Now, you can target them and bring them back to seal the deal.

2. At-Risk Customers: Engage with customers who have made infrequent or no recent purchases. Offer them incentives to rekindle their interest.

3. Brand Followers: Connect with customers who have shown an interest in your brand, even if they haven't made a purchase yet.

4. High Spenders: Target your biggest fans – the customers who consistently spend more on your products.

5. Potential New Customers: Reach out to those who have interacted with your brand but haven't made a purchase in the last year. This is a goldmine for growing your customer base.

6. Promising Customers: Identify customers who occasionally spend above average. Encourage them to become loyal customers through targeted promotions.

7. Recent Customers: Engage with customers who have made purchases in the last 12 months. They've already shown interest in your products.

8. Repeat Customers: These are the customers who have purchased from your brand more than once. Re-engage them for increased sales.

9. Top-Tier Customers: These are your most frequent and loyal customers. Make sure they know about your latest offers.

Real Results, Real Profits

Now, here is the exciting part! We put Brand Tailored Promotions to the test, and the results were nothing short of amazing. In just one test account, we spent a mere $18 and generated an incredible $184 in sales. That is an outstanding 9.7% ACoS. These results speak for themselves, and we are confident you can achieve similar success.

Bottom Line

The beauty of Brand Tailored Promotions is that it is a low-cost method of boosting your sales. It is like having a direct line to your most promising potential customers. If you are brand registered on Amazon, this is an opportunity you simply can't afford to miss.

To truly master this game-changing feature and to get the inside scoop on all the strategies, insights, and results, you need to watch the full video above.