Ads Agency vs. In-House Marketing (Amazon FBA 2024)

Shane Catchpole

In this video we delve into a crucial decision many Amazon sellers face: whether to build an in-house team to manage advertising or enlist the services of an outside agency. There's no one-size-fits-all answer, so let's explore the key factors that can guide you in making this decision.

1. Maturity of the Business:

The first factor to consider is the maturity of your business. Are you a new entrepreneur learning the ropes, or an experienced one with a deep understanding of advertising? Newer businesses might benefit from outside expertise, while seasoned entrepreneurs may have the knowledge to manage advertising effectively in-house.

2. Speed of Growth:

The pace at which your business is growing matters. Rapid growth may necessitate focusing on core business activities, while slower growth might provide the opportunity to coach and develop in-house talent. An outside agency with a streamlined talent pipeline can be particularly valuable during periods of rapid expansion.

3. Resources Available:

Consider your investment in the business. If you're actively looking to invest in growth, using an outside agency with the latest tools and systems might be beneficial. However, if your business has a healthy margin and you're willing to invest time and resources, managing advertising in-house could be a viable option.

4. Time Constraints:

Evaluate your own situation regarding time and financial resources. If you're time-rich but cash-poor, investing time in learning and managing advertising might be a practical choice. Conversely, if you're cash-rich but time-poor, an outside agency can provide the expertise and cutting-edge systems your business needs.

5. Coaching Ability:

Finally, assess your coaching ability. If you enjoy developing talent and have the time to invest in coaching, building an in-house team might align with your strengths. Alternatively, if you prefer a ready-made team with a proven track record, an outside agency could be the way to go.


In the dynamic world of Amazon advertising, the decision between an in-house team and an outside agency depends on a multitude of factors. Reflecting on the maturity of your business, its growth trajectory, available resources, and your personal preferences can guide you in making the right choice. Whether you choose to build a dedicated team or leverage the expertise of an external agency, the key is to align your strategy with your business goals and set yourself up for success in the competitive Amazon marketplace. Share your thoughts below on the factors you consider when partnering with an agency for your Amazon business!