2021 Amazon PPC Course PT1: How To Make The Perfect Product For Ads

Daniel Audunsson

Whenever I see someone talk about Amazon PPC, it’s all about the campaigns, match types and targeting...

The technical stuff.

But did you know that MOST of your results (or lack thereof) with ads have NOTHING TO DO with these things?

Instead, your results depend entirely on three things.

Which again have nothing to do with your campaigns or keywords.

Today you’re in for a treat because I’m GIVING YOU a brand new Amazon PPC course 100% for FREE.

This training is STRATEGIC in nature and whether you are new or advanced… It's unlike anything you have seen before.

When I tell you that these things MATTER MOST when it comes to getting results with Amazon PPC...

I’m talking from 10 years of experience and a clientele with combined revenues well north of $200 million per year...

(Including some of the largest Amazon sellers in the world.)


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Wishing you success!

Daniel Audunsson & the team at IntoProfits.com