$40,500 Increase In Annual Profit
Sales Increase
ACoS Reduced
Main Image
A+ Content
Image Optimization
Brand Story
Amazon Store
Backend Search Terms

The Problem

Mark and Frank built a successful brand of physical products around a shared interest. For the first few years, they experienced steady growth on Amazon until eventually reaching a plateau.

When we (Into Profits) audited their account, we identified areas for improvement in their PPC campaigns and listings — especially for higher conversions and organic rank. 

The founders, who managed their own PPC from the beginning, were smart enough to realize that to scale to the next level, their business needed them to step away from the day-to-day management of critical functions like Amazon advertising. 

This is because as their business grew, they became limited by time and couldn't keep up with maximizing the sales potential of their products while simultaneously expanding the other parts of their business (like products and operations).

Hence, it was perfect for Mark and Frank to partner with us (Into Profits) as a virtual CMO / marketing department, with the resources and specialized know-how necessary to ensure their brand realizes 100% of its growth and profit potential.

Read on to learn about the changes we made during the first three months to increase their annual profit by $40,500...

The Solution

Advertising (PPC)


→ The account's advertising spend has been consistently efficient, maintaining low ACoTs. This indicated that the budget has not been overextended, leaving room to increase ad investment. By boosting the ad spend, the account can reach a broader audience, attract more leads, and enhance brand awareness.


→ We implemented our Uniques process to uncover new areas for targeted advertising. Using the discovered unique keywords, we expanded their ad types, such as Sponsored Brands to increase brand awareness.


→ The current setup focuses a lot on exact match keywords, this is good for precise targeting and for higher conversions. However, relying solely on exact match keywords can lead to limited reach and missed opportunities.

We expanded their ads by launching campaigns targeting both Phrase and Broad match types. This increased our visibility and impressions, allowing us to put our products in front of more potential customers than before.

In addition to widening our net, we established our Tiered System to differentiate between high, moderate, and low performers, each with their unique targets. Our Analysis tool (which can be accessed for free on our YouTube channel and through this link) consolidated all the significant keywords with precise attention.

Conversion (+SEO)

Title → SEO, CTR, CVR 

The previous title was missing some important keywords and benefits. However, we implemented our own approach by prioritizing the brand name and incorporating relevant keywords and benefits into the product title. As a result, customers recognized the product as a reliable brand, given that the brand name took precedence. Furthermore, by including pertinent keywords and benefits, we ensured the product was easily searchable on Amazon and that customers understood its worth.

Main Image + Listing Images → CTR & CVR

We created 3D-rendered product photos to ensure the quality of the main image. The box was included to demonstrate to customers that the product is packed in premium quality packaging, while competitor’s products are not.

Additionally, we used lifestyle images to effectively illustrate the benefits and uses of the products. We enhanced customer understanding and trust by including a comparison photo that showcased how these products surpassed competitors, highlighting the use of high-quality materials. This approach empowered customers to make informed decisions and increased their trust in the product.

Bullet Copy Description → CVR

To make the product stand out among competitors, we crafted concise (not long), compelling bullet copy descriptions. These descriptions effectively showcased the product's relevant keywords, unique selling points, and benefits, while infusing a touch of creativity to engage customers. Additionally, we emphasized the brand's strong credibility by highlighting its extensive years of experience in the industry. These enhancements yielded noticeable results, allowing the brand's products to shine in comparison to competitors.

A+ Content → CVR 

Upon brand registry approval, we began creating images for A+ Content. We established a brand identity with colors and fonts for consistency.

Brand Story  → CVR 

To further strengthen the brand credibility, we highlighted the origin of the products to emphasize their authenticity in the brand story. We included the entire product selection to showcase a comprehensive range of products and for cross-selling opportunities.

Amazon Store  → CVR 

By utilizing the Amazon storefront page, we strengthened the brand's presence, capitalized on its features, and enhanced visibility. This presents an ideal cross-selling opportunity as customers easily explore the complete product selection. Additionally, we have a dedicated fold highlighting the captivating brand story, fostering customer engagement.

Backend Search Terms  → Impressions

Understanding the importance of backend search terms for Amazon's algorithm and indexation, we took proactive steps to optimize this aspect. Using our advanced STR analysis tool, we identified the top-performing keywords. These keywords were then seamlessly integrated into the backend search terms to maximize search visibility and enhance overall performance

The Results

Sales increased by 40% through our expansion of match types and launching of Sponsored Brands ads.


Profit Increase

Raising the monthly average from $5,400 to $7,800.


Increase in CVR

from 12% to 13.8%.


Increase in Organic Sales

boosting the monthly average from $8,400 to $10,750.


Mark and Frank’s premium-quality products, along with our own PPC + Conversion + SEO strategy, led to a quick and significant increase in profit, despite occasional out-of-stock situations. This led the brand to a projected annual increase in profit of over $40,500. Now that they have the resources to solve their stock situation with the freed-up time and improved cash flow, we are excited to see what the next 12 months bring!

Partnering with Into Profits helped Mark and Frank save 75% of their time from the clutches of the day-to-day operations of their Amazon business, which is invaluable for them. They know they have a partner in Into Profits that can scale with them so they can concentrate on expanding their product line and growing their business.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this case study. If you’d like to know whether or not you can get a similar performance boost in your business — click here to apply for your free audit today!


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